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Ron Magnuson

Acoustics for Communications (AFC)

Austin, Texas USA



About Us 

Acoustics for Communications’ specialty is evaluating product electroacoustics rather than the usual environmental noise/vibration/room acoustics work done by many acoustic consultants. We have the experience and specialized equipment needed to work with communications audio.  We have also work on many other devices such as iPOD® compatible headsets, intercom systems – even vacuum tube products.


If you have a new design that needs audio advice, a finished design that needs testing or a troubled project that needs bailing out please call.


Consultants – if you need specialized assistance with your project please call.


Owner, Ron Magnuson has been a consultant in electroacoustics since 2000. Prior experience includes 18 years as audio and component engineer for Siemens, IBM and Rolm where he developed and tested digital and analog telephones and speakerphones. He has done extensive work on headsets, hearing aid compatibility and has devised many unique speakerphone test methods that have become part of today’s handsfree standards.  He has been chair, editor, or significant contributor to many acoustic product standards published by ANSI/TIA and IEEE.    

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Past Projects include:

*   2.4 MHz Digital Cordless telephone Family

*   Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) – between telephones and hearing aids.

*   Digital Office Voice Terminals – numerous different designs.

*   Passenger Train Intercom Audio Evaluation

*   Voice over DSL – ADSL WIAD terminal.

*   ISDN and Proprietary Digital Terminals.

*   Cell phone car kit evaluation

*   Speakerphones (handsfree) – digital and analog.

*   Internet home security audio.

*   Handset – design of acoustic features to meet target frequency response.

*   Headset evaluation– evaluate headsets for compatibility with OEM telephones.

*   Assistive Hearing Device – evaluated microphone design, sensitivity and directivity

*   mp3 / iPOD®  headsets 

Past Component Engineering Projects include:

*   Loudspeaker – fixed buzz, rattle problem on production line and Far East.

*   Microphonetests for qualification and receiving inspection.

*   Handsetproduction and receiving inspection tests.  Redesign with new elements.

*   Speakerphoneacoustic feedback, voice cutout, buzzing and assembly problems.

*   Capacitor evaluation  – saved manufacturer $300k yearly; reduced failure rate > 400%.

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Test Equipment and Capability

AFC has an extensive array of test equipment from top vendors.


*   Bruel &Kjaer (B&K) Audio Analyzers

*   Head Acoustics and Sound Technology Audio / FFT analyzers

*   Bruel & Kjaer 4128 Head and Torso Simulator (HATS) with Handset positioner.

*   Bruel &Kjaer laboratory microphones (probe, free field, pressure).

*   Bruel &Kjaer Type 4227 Mouth simulators (artificial mouth)

*   All ear simulators used in communications standards (Except ITU-T P.57 - 3.4).

*   ITU-T Type 1, Type 2, Type 3.1, Type 3.2, Type 3.3 ear simulators

*   Wandle and Golterman PCM-4 to evaluate Mu-law, a-law based systems.

*   Rhode and Schwarz CMD55 GSM / PCS-1800/1900 Cell Phone analyzer

*   Advent and AST Caller-ID test systems.

*   HP impedance analyzer.

*   Etymotic Research human probe microphone.

*   Computer controlled turntable for loudspeaker and microphone polar measurements.

*   Philips and Tektronix oscilloscopes.

*   Other specialized test equipment – gauss meter, DAT recorders etc.

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Contributions to Industry Standards

*   Chair of TIA working group that wrote VoIP, ISDN and wideband audio standards.  These standards are published as ANSI/TIA-810A and TIA-920.  

*   Contributor and member of working group for revised standard ANSI/TIA-810B.

*   Technical contributor or editor of IEEE standards for handsets, headsets and speakerphones.

*   Technical contributor to TIA standards on Caller-ID and telephony acoustic requirements.

*   Echo and Hearing Aid Compatibility investigations for the TIA. 

Professional Memberships:

*   Member IEEE – Active contributor to the Subcommittee for Telephone  Instrument

*   Member ASA – Acoustic Society of America.

*   Member AES – Audio Engineering Society. 


Ron Magnuson

Acoustics for Communications

Austin, Texas USA



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Acoustics for Communications

Austin, Texas