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Caller ID 


*  Both automated and interactive test platforms to evaluate your CID product.


Caller-ID Display on Cordless Handset


AFC’s advanced caller-ID test tools use character recognition to quickly run hundreds of tests before submitting your design to costly conformance testing. Interactive tools make debugging problems efficient. This can save you weeks or months of work.


Camera Lens reading characters on Wireless handset Display

CID Testing
Using Character Recognition


Caller-ID Information


Caller-ID is a simple concept prone to a variety of unusual problems, some due to different interpretations of the standards, others due to noncompliance by network providers. Designers not aware of this can face customer problems and high return rates.  A device may work in one geographic area but not in others due to network differences. 


There are several capable CID test houses and the final product should be tested by one of them before product launch; however this testing is very time consuming and therefore expensive.   We can help debug your design or run basic tests before submitting to a test house.  

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