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Audio Test

Audio Test / Acoustic Test / Audio Devices

*  Fully equipped audio laboratory for audio and electroacoustic testing.

*  Industry standard and custom test methods.

*  Experience in a wide range of audio and communications products.


Color Spectrograph Plot

Spectrograph of female saying

“Split the log with a quick sharp blow”

Audio Devices

We can test and support the test and development of almost any type of electroacoustic device. 


Examples include:

*   Telephones

*   Headsets

*   Speakerphones

*   Portable Music Players – mp3 

*   Hearing Assistive devices

*   Intercom systems

*   Buzzers

*   Piezoelectric transducers

*   Microphones

*   Musical devices

*   Small Loudspeakers



Electroacoustic Test - Bruel and Kjaer, Rhode & Schwartz, Wandle and Golterman PCM-4, Head Acoustics,  Small Sound Chamber

Electroacoustic Test Bench


AFC Caller ID + B&K Real Time Analyzer + HP Impedance Analyzer


B&K Real Time Analyzer - HP Impedance Analyzer


Audio Test / Electroacoustic Testing

Accurate electroacoustic testing requires both experience and specialized test equipment.


*   Audio testing to industry standards or custom procedures required for your application.

*     Troubleshooting your audio problems.

*   Work is executed using efficient, methodical, engineering-based methods employing precise laboratory equipment and industry standards.  


*   Professional reports are complete with relevant plotsand illustrations.  Advise is  given on how to resolve problems.


*   Special tests and test fixtures can be developed for your project. 


*   We will work with you to get the results you need.










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